About Our Association in Waunakee, Wisconsin

Sunrise through the four Seasons porchThe Steeplechase Condominium Association is owner-managed, there is no management company. Self-management reduces our overhead costs so we can keep our fees lower and better respond to resident and Association needs. We have 59 homes and a clubhouse.

The Board of Directors oversees the Association. The Building, Clubhouse and Grounds Committees manage the needs of the residents. The Finance and Government Affairs Committees assist the Board. The Social Committee organizes activities for residents, such as an annual picnic, holiday party and Packers parties.

The Online/Web Committee manages this web site and an Editor publishes our Newsletter.

Contact us:

NOTE: We are in Dane County, Wisconsin, in the township of Westport, with a mailing address of Waynakee, Wisconsin. If you are a realtor ot renting agency, please note where we are to determine if we are the Steeplechase you intend to contact. There are other Steeplechade condos and rental properties in this country, we are NOT them.

Realtors and other members of the public may send an email to info@steeplechasecondos.org